And so it begins…


So, here I am.  In my own little space in the blogging world, it feel’s a little strange but also very exciting. I have been thinking of writing a blog for a while know but with no idea how or when to start I have taken the plunge after reading some very inspirational stories of other peoples blogs, there are so many out there and so many I follow.  I find myself tucked up in bed spending hours upon hours reading the tales of other peoples lives and also getting captivated amongst all the amazing pictures people post.  I am not sure how I am going to include the ‘pretty’ pictures as I am far from a creative photographer.  I have an iPhone 5s and that’s how I capture all my daily activities so you may have to bare with me for a little while.  Anyway maybe I should tell you a little about me, my name is Natasha and i live in the garden county of the UK, Kent. I have been here for about 7 years now but my heart and ‘home’ will always be in the concrete city of Milton Keynes.  I’m sure I will tell you more about this in my blog posts to come.  I have a 4 year old son who is literally my world and I am a full time working mummy trying to juggle the life of both like many out there.  It’s hard work eh?  But it has to be done.  Life for me took a turn a couple of years ago now and I learn’t some incredibly valued life lessons in the process.  Let’s just say I’m sure I will be letting you ‘in’ to my life as my blog develops so getting ready for the ups, downs and the tears of it all.

For now, I will say goodbye as I wanted to keep this post short and sweet as I am now excited to see how this is going to be published once I hit that button!  It’s all a learning curve for me now so let’s see what mess I make of it all lol Plus I now need to work out how I add a picture as that’s going to be the main focus of my online diary, photo memories for me and my son to look back on. Right here goes…

Let’s hope I begin I to tell the tales of Mummysworksleeprepeat 🙂

I am looking forward to my blog journey…

Much Love, Nat xxx

finley mummy

Did the photo add…?! xxx

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